Open Water

The Aruba Dolphins organizes every year it’s annual 1 and 2 KM open water swim meet in the Commandeurs Baai lagoon in Savaneta. The 1 KM is swum by the 12 years and under categories, while the 2 KM is for the 13 years and older categories. Since 2013 we’ve added the 5 KM for the 13 years and older categories.
Open water swimming poses many challenges swimmers usually don’t encounter in the swimming pool. Weather conditions play a mayor role in these events. Wind, wave height, water and air temperatures, visibility and currents are just a few factors to deal with.
During many years it was swum in a straight line, but for security reasons and to comply with international open water swimming rules the course has changed and is now swum in a closed course.

Route Aruba Dolphins Open Water Swim Meets