Who are we ?

The Aruba Dolphins Swimming & Water Polo Club is a non-profit organization and was founded in October of 1975.

The club is devoted to promoting the sport of swimming and youth fitness in Aruba.
We believe that physical fitness, athletics, and healthy competition are important components to personal development for youth.
In particular, we believe the sport of swimming provides an exceptional sports experience for young people.
Swimming is fun.
It helps develop friendships and increase confidence.
It helps kids learn to be responsible for themselves and to respect themselves and others.
It helps develop such life skills as goal setting and attainment, time management, teamwork, cooperation, perseverance, self-discipline, responsibility, and handling defeat.
Aruba Dolphins Swimming & Water Polo Club strives to develop human beings, not just athletes, and to create a positive peer culture that promotes positive values.
We have approximately 140 active members, excluding the The Elementary League (approx. 300).

The Aruba Dolphins Swim Team is registered at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Aruba Registry number: 40642